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  • Sigma 10514
  • SIGMA Class
  • SAAB 9LV
  • Proven Track record


The SIGMA 10514 is a proven, multi-role, combatant design

The mission profiles of the SIGMA 10514 range from maritime safety and security to naval warfare and power projection. They include:

• Protecting maritime traffic of Brazilian interest and counteracting threats from the air, sea and submarine environments.
• Combatting smuggling, drugs and arms trafficking, fish poaching and piracy.
• Protecting against pollution of the Brazilian marine environment.
• Protecting Brazilian interests within domestic waters.
• Contributing to the protection of navigation and human rights at sea in Brazilian waters and SAR area.
• Contributing to humanitarian aid operations.
• Deterrence.


• Combat Management System Saab 9LV
• 3D-Surveillance radars Saab Sea GIRAFFE AMB and 1X, incl IFF
• Fire Control Directors Saab CEROS 200 & EOS 500
• Hull Mounted Sonar
• Electronic Support Measures Saab SME-250 & CRS Naval
• Integrated Communication System Saab TactiCall


• Main Gun
• Secondary gun
• 2 x Remote Weapon Stations Saab Trackfire
• Decoy Launching System
• Surface to Surface Missile Launcher Saab RBS15 2 x 2
• Surface to Air Missile Vertical Launching System
• Torpedo Launching System 2 x 3 tubes

SIGMA 10514 Class

Standard solutions for tailor-made ships based on 140 years of naval shipbuilding experience

Based on high standards and common practice in building seven generations of frigates and corvettes for the Royal Netherlands Navy

The SIGMA 10514 is a proven, multi-role, combatant design


Based on the experience gained by building seven generations of frigates, a systematic hull form series was set up and model-tested extensively.

Ranging from 50 to 150 metres in length and 9 to 15 metres in breadth, this optimised hull form series covers the whole spectrum of naval combatants, from naval patrol to corvettes and frigates. Furthermore, SIGMA vessels are designed in a modular way using standardised solutions with commercial off-the-shelf equipment where possible, enhanced by military standards where needed. This approach enables customers to specify their own SIGMA designs based on proven solutions.



Saab’s 9LV naval combat system solutions offer complete C4I for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat boats and patrol boats to frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as submarines and vessels equipped for anti-piracy, security and surveillance missions. 9LV solutions provide naval forces with outstanding operational capabilities, supporting all mission types from littorals to the open ocean. Command and Control at its best.

Proven Track record

• Locally built
• On time
• Within budget

Reference projects

• 4x SIGMA 9113 Indonesia
• 2x SIGMA 9813 Morocco
• 1x SIGMA 10513 Morocco
• 2x SIGMA 10514 Indonesia
• 1x SIGMA 10514 Mexico

Wilson, Sons Estaleiros and Damen
  • The Shipyard
  • Wilson Sons and Damen
  • The shipyard, more than 80 years of history ...

The Shipyard

Over the course of more than 80 years Wilson Sons has built over 130 customised vessels, of which 90 have been built together with the Damen Group. The constant transfer of knowledge between Damen and Wilson Sons has allowed the latter to develop a specialisation in workboats including but not limited to the tugs and advanced offshore vessels which operate in Brazil’s extensive oil and gas industry.

Wilson Sons’ shipyards are strategically located in Guarujá (SP), close to the Santos and Campos oil basins and inside the biggest port complex in Latin America. This location has served it well as it has undertaken new build construction and the maintenance and repair of vessels for both foreign and domestic markets.

The partnership that Wilson Sons and Damen have built up has become renowned for its ability to offer and deliver customised projects on-time and within budget whilst adhering to the best HSE practices in the market.

Wilson Sons and Damen

The Wilson Sons and Damen relationship was launched with a series of buoy-laying vessels for the Brazilian Navy in the early 1990s. Via Damen Technical Co-operation (DTC), full engineering packages and partial material packages were supplied and as the years went by Damen also included Wilson Sons in final commissioning responsibilities. This allowed the full transfer of technology from start to finish.

Local manufacturing plays a key role in the overall build process and, together with Wilson Sons, Damen ensures that the proportion of local content in its vessels constantly increases over time.

Over the years, building vessels and monitoring market activity has allowed the partnership to anticipate the increasing demand for local content in commercial markets and fill this gap effectively.

The shipyard, more than 80 years of history ...

Brazil and Damen



On December 18, 2013, the Brazilian Federal Government (Ministry of Defence through the Aeronautics Command, COMAER) selected Gripen NG to be its next-generation fighter aircraft. The order comprises 36 aircraft, 28 single-seater (corresponding to Sweden’s Gripen E) and a development order for 8 two-seater aircraft. The order value amounts to approximately 4,5 Billion USD and after the development phase, Saab will deliver the aircraft from 2019 until 2024. Based on the above-mentioned selection, a contract between Saab and the Brazilian authorities was signed in the end of 2014.
Brazil sets a legal requirement for 100 percent industrial cooperation with focus on technology transfer and further development of the industrial base. The requirement is that a large portion of the industrial cooperation should be product related and preferably consist of technology transfer supporting industrial development.
With the industrial cooperation program, Brazil aims to further develop its own defence industry. Brazil also has the ambition to be able to maintain its own fleet of Gripen aircraft and to develop future capabilities. In line with this, a large share of the development of the two-seat Gripen NG will take place in Brazil, as will the production and flight-testing. In strategic terms for the country, Gripen NG represents the possibility to become a partner in an international high-tech program.

In order to fulfil the offset obligation, Saabs strategy is to work directly with a limited number of industrial partners in Brazil. Agreements are signed with Brazilian companies, and the DCTA, Departamento de Ciencia e Tecnologia Aeroespacial, to be partners in the Gripen for Brazil program. Through these main companies, further Brazilian companies will be engaged as suppliers.
Other suppliers of the supply chain will receive knowledge and practical experience. This will allow them to increase their participation on the construction of the second vessel and beyond, without compromising the project chronogram and the quality of product delivered.


The Cisne Branco (White Swan in Portuguese) is the Sail Training Vessel (STV) of the Brazilian Navy. Besides training naval midshipmen, it is used to promote Brazilian culture and its seafaring traditions around the world. The vessel is currently navigating the South American continent from one end to the other, participating in the international regatta “Velas Latinoamérica”. In September she visited Curaçao looking for a safe haven due to the weather and sea conditions related to hurricane Isaac. The island became an important location for Damen Shipyards in 2017, when the group acquired the local ship repair yard (now called Damen Shiprepair Curaçao), its first in the region.

The Cisne Branco was built by Damen Shipyards and delivered to the Brazilian Navy in 1999. The vessel is the first of her class, later joined by her sister ships Stad Amsterdam and Shabab Oman II. This beautiful ship, the pride of the Brazilian Navy, is a proof of the long and strong relationship between the country and Damen.

Damen, together with its partner Wilson Sons Estaleiros, is bidding for the Tamandaré programme. This programme consists of the construction of four modern warships for the Marinha do Brasil.


Leading Brazilian shipyard Wilson Sons and Damen are looking forward to taking their already strong relationship to new levels as new opportunities arise. The two companies have been working together since the 1990s via Damen’s Technical Cooperation programme. This enables Wilson Sons to build Damen’s state-of-the-art designs at its shipyard in Guarujá, Sao Paulo. The partnership began with the construction of buoy-laying vessels for the Brazilian Navy as well as for Wilson Sons’ own towage operation. Over the past 25 years, the partnership has moved on to the construction of tugs and a variety of complex offshore support vessels for the contractors supporting national oil major Petrobras and its deep-water operations. Over 25 years more than 90 vessels built to Damen designs have been delivered.
As a company, Wilson Sons has been in existence for over 180 years and in that time has built up a unique network of local suppliers. The cooperation with Damen has played an important role in enabling Wilson Sons to invest to increase the capability of its skills and facilities and so support and expand the Brazilian maritime supply chain. Looking ahead, the two companies have jointly tendered to build four corvettes for the Brazilian Navy, the long expected Tamandaré project.
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Work is well underway at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in the Netherlands on the first Damen SIGMA 10514 to be bought by a navy in the Americas. The Mexican Navy is due to take delivery of its new flagship in 2020, when it will join the Royal Navy of Morocco and the Indonesian Navy in operating these highly capable ships that are suited for a wide range of roles. These range from law enforcement and anti-smuggling duties to anti-submarine and anti-air defence operations.
Damen is transferring its 130 years’ experience in naval shipbuilding to the Mexican Navy’s shipyard in Salina Cruz, where four of the six modules that make up each SIGMA 10514 are being built. In time, Mexican yards will ultimately build all six modules of any future vessels once Damen has completed its support programme and the necessary skills have been transferred. The final specification of each vessel is determined by the needs of each navy, but the fit-out is always to the highest standards and using the latest technologies. The SIGMA 10514 design, with its flexibility to install a wide variety of combat systems, is well suited for other navies in Latin America. Also, the modular design and building concept allows for local construction, and the inclusion of local content.
It is our hope that South American navies will also take the opportunity to modernise and adapt the SIGMA class vessels to meet their needs. Damen is currently working with the Brazilian Navy to confirm the suitability of the SIGMA class as a foundation for their surface fleet modernisation programme.


For decades, Damen Shipyards has been working with shipbuilding yards around the world, supporting and guiding them as they develop and acquire the skills and experience to construct modern, sophisticated commercial and naval vessels. Since its inception the Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) programme has been responsible for the construction of over 1000 vessels to Damen designs across more than 70 countries.
The DTC is based on the recognition by Damen that many countries wish to develop their indigenous shipbuilding industries as these can provide large numbers of high quality jobs and support extensive supply chains. Particularly when the government is the client, building such high value, technically sophisticated items such as ships at home is both popular and economically effective. The programme has worked particularly well in Latin America, where fishing vessels, tugs and ferries have been built in Cuba, patrol boats in Ecuador and a naval warship is currently under construction in Mexico.
Damen’s longest partnership in the region is with Wilson Sons of Brazil, which has delivered over 90 Damen-designed tugs and platform supply vessels over the last 20 years. Over the time, the ships built at Wilson Sons have grown in complexity and size, while at the same time the yard has significantly benefited from the transfer of technology that has been facilitated by Damen. As the Brazilian shipyard with the most experience in shipbuilding using modern techniques and practices, Wilson Sons is now confident that it is ready to work hand-in-hand with Damen to successfully construct the four Tamandaré-class vessels for the Brazilian Navy.


Damen has been supplying naval and security vessels to countries in the Americas for many years. From Chile to Canada, the navies of eleven mainland countries plus the governments of eight Caribbean islands operate Damen vessels ranging from patrol boats and fast interceptors to frigates (Chile), a replenishment ship (Peru) and a sail training vessel (Brazil). Damen’s patrol vessels are particularly widespread, ranging from the Damen Stan Patrol 1505 in the Dominican Republic to the Damen Stan Patrol 5009 in Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago. In recent years, the US Coast Guard has signed contracts for a total of 76 Stan Patrols 2606 and 58 Stan Patrols 4708, all built in the United States.
Mexico is also building the most sophisticated Damen naval vessel to be delivered to the region to date. The SIGMA 10514 is capable of performing a wide array of roles that vary from security patrols to highly-demanding international missions. The SIGMA 10514 is being constructed using modular techniques under the Damen Technical Cooperation programme, with four of the six modules being built and final assembly taking place in Mexico. Currently Damen, together with its partner Saab, is also bidding to build a total of four such vessels for the Brazilian Navy as part of its Tamandaré project.


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